About Us

Jonny Cliffe- Guitar/vocals

Nick Pagan- Bass

Christian Pankovcin- Drums

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​The Name


Our name, "Stuck In The Basement" came from the very first band practice all the way back in 2011 when we, quite literally, got Stuck In The Basement. Christians basement door sometimes spontaneously locks itself from the outside when closed a certain way and at our first practice, John, our old rhythm guitarist, was on his way back from the bathroom and caused the door to lock. We had to bang on the door for ages until Christians father finally heard us and let us out. We knew that day what our name had to be.
We are a rock band from Long Island that plays original music. Our music is influenced by wide range of genres, giving us a sound that is not limited to the typical confines of rock. We pride ourselves on originality, our experimental nature and musical technicality. We are looking to bring something new to the table. We hope you enjoy our music!


Our story begins in 2011. Christian and Jonny, along with their friends Ryan and John, formed a band. They were 13 and 14 at the time. As expected from a bunch of young teenagers, we did nothing productive. However, in this time is when we learned to love jamming and creating our own music together. Highschool came and went, we played a few talant shows here and there, sometimes playing covers and sometimes originals but the band wasn't quite stable and John and Ryan eventually both parted ways with the band. In 2015 came a fresh start. Jonny and Christian, who at the time were playing as a duo, just trying to come up with ideas, went looking for a bass player. Enter Nick Pagan. We knew we wanted to be an original band and Nick fit right in and easily managed to add his own unique style to the songs we were writing. From that time, we spent the year doing what we love, writing music. We wrote and wrote and wrote until we had enough music to get us through performances. Now, here we are today, performing at every opportunity we get and always writing music.